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Why Öregrund? Restaurants and Activities

Long before we had children, we came here to enjoy the sun that went down into the sea, the bars and restaurants at the harbor, the music, the boats, the pastel-colored old fine wooden houses, the slick alleys, the trails and the enormously picturesque feeling of a bygone era which cannot get more attractive! We got married here, we had a restaurant and a cafe here, we visited dad here who started Klockargården 20 years ago and we have a summer house here.

Then came the kids. And then we discovered secrets such as the cliffs, the bathing places, the ice cream shops with the many different kinds of sprinkles, the playgrounds, the forest with blueberries, the frogs, the lizards, the tennis for all ages, the kayaks, the sailing camp, the riding school, the golf course for both large and small, the best pancakes, the best pancakes, where one can hang without being afraid of falling in the water or running infront of cars, fishing spots, The World Champion Boat Race Week, etc

When we get older I can imagine that we do like the other older couples by the sea, we take a dip in the sea every day!
The family has as a tradition to go down to the rocks when the sun shines late, and experience the most unique on the east coast: watching the sun go down into the sea! Exactly what Evert Taube is singing about and exactly what adds a magical touch to the whole of Öregrund!
Welcome to discover this fantastic harbor & sea gem and create your own memories! Below is a selection of outings!
Daughter and owner Jennifer Grahn with family & Dad Olle - Founder
"At Strandnära's dining you can enjoy good archipelago dishes along with a locally brewed beer or a good wine. Once or twice a week we also invite different bands for gigs or have wine, beer tastings." 
"In a small boathouse in the middle of the idyllic Öregrund, Melker Andersson runs the fish and shellfish Bojabäs during the summer. Of course, the signature dish is the French classic Bouillabaisse, but in Melker's own archipelago style.
Welcome! Best wishes Melker with staff! "
"Sharing is caring, ie sharing is caring, is something we strongly believe in at Söderströms Veranda. Sharing the food is something we have done in ancient times. To gather around the dining table to enjoy a meal together and to socialize, discuss, laugh or exchange ideas is a universal way of getting to know each other.
At Söderströms, we continue on the same theme we introduced last year, namely to serve small dishes inspired by the Orient, but with our own twist. We believe in conversation around the dining table and sharing the food invites to conversation. "
Although we are going to run our own self-serving waffle cafe this year, nothing goes against Kafe Wilma's pastries, good lunches or latte!
ACTIVITIES - Most of the texts are taken from the respective websites 
Sunnanö camping (Öregrunds camping)
Here we ride the whole family in one go. Either to buy an ice cream, or to eat meatballs and macaroni for lunch, or to swim and meet everyone you know, or to have a coffee and watch the children who find new friends on the beach. Read more:
"We can offer a variety of accommodation with caravan / car, tent sites, smaller berths and 14 camping cabins as well as a caravan for rent. 
Here you enjoy warm cliffs, nice bathing area, play boules, paddle kayak, rent a sauna, fish from rowing boat or why not eat some good food in our restaurant.
If you are interested in fishing, there is the possibility to rent a smaller boat with motor or book one of our ready-made packages for fishing, kayaking or outdoor life. You can also take your own boat with you and rent a boat site during your stay with us. (required request)
Sunnanö camping is located about 3 km outside Öregrund's core with tavern and restaurants and you walk in about 15 minutes. "
Öregrunds GolfKlubb is a classic club with a unique welcome for out of town guests, big and small! Here is a nice golf course, great lunch and easy to book a time for a private lesson for the whole family!
Music in Öregrund!
The music comes from everywhere in Öregrund. It is everything from Öregrund´s Monday, to Tuesday's rock at Söderströms veranda, or the other troubadours of all the local small restaurants. During the boat racing week there are big concerts every day!
The Boat Race Contest World Champion
"The boat week is most easily described as a festival week that offers boat experiences and entertainment for all interests and ages.
During the day, activities are offered in the form of boat races, family activities, after beach, entertainment and really everything that can be desired on a hot summer day.
In the future, the area changes its shape into a more typical festival area where guest artists and Dj's play in the morning hours.
The boat week takes place between 27 July - 3 August 2019 and ends with the Roslagsloppet on 3 August. "Text from Visit Roslagen
Tennis camps and Private lessons for all ages, Öregrund 2019
Do you want to take a private lesson for yourself or together with your partner? Öregrund has great tennis courts. In addition, they welcome children and adults who stay 4 days in a row on their ongoing "tennis camp" with a lot of fun! 1 hour a day! Perfect for the health!
The surrounding area of Öregrund does not only consist of the sea. There are fantastic bays to explore. "Welcome to Öregrund Bo & Kayak at Sunnanöviken!
Here it is close to: Canoeing water inside and outside for beginners and adventurers. Scenic islands for tents and relaxation. Bathing places - child friendly and adult friendly! Good fishing waters! Fresh grooming walks and bike rides in varied nature. Access to tour guides during the kayak trip, the walk and the bike ride. Relaxation in rowing boat.
Here you can rent: cottages, kayaks, Canadians, rowing boats, fishing equipment, bicycles with accessories, tents with accessories. "
At Forsmark we have spent many hours as a family. Both in the experimental workshop and on their fantastic inn!
"Welcome to Summer in Forsmark!
We offer an experience for the whole family, including experimental workshop for the children, mill museum, café and guided bus tours around the power plant area. Our activities are free. "
Berkinge Adventure
And then another one of our personal favorites. This is taken from another time - where your own responsibility applies, just as it was when we were small! Here you can go by train with the rubber rings (be careful!) And land straight in the water among frogs and fish. It is a completely unique place where we take the children several times during the summer!
Here's how to write:
"Berkinge was an ironworks already in the 17th century and a beautiful ruin from the coal house is still there. The old mill is today a restaurant.
In 1988, Benny Djurberg started shafting from the mill and the rich area has since slowly turned into a popular visitor area.
The bath is easily heated by the sun and lots of people are floating here.
Bathing facility with jumping tower and water slides, docks and boat rentals.
Around the pond there are 15 acres of lovely grassy areas where you can play mini golf, camp with your tent, your caravan or camper.
At the bath there is a fully licensed restaurant.
At the reception there are kiosks and mini markets.
The facility is open during the season 10.00 - 21.00 The water slides 10.00 - 17.00 "
Do you stay five days? "Sailing school is available for children and young people in Öregrund-Östhammar sailing company, ÖSS, the goal is to offer children / young people opportunities to learn about boats, sailing and sea life. We invite to sailing school that is held in the ÖSS harbor area. they set up in two groups: A group for clean beginners, and a group for those who have some boat and sailing skills Sailing is primarily with optimistic balls, but other boats may also be used. between 7 and 15 years, are swim-minded (200m in swimming pool), have a life jacket when sailing and sea life exercises and that parents have filled the enclosed health declaration.
The riding house at Norrön has private lessons for all levels and ages! It is a different and exciting experience to spend an hour on! The horses are used to every size!
Here we stand at the top of Örskär's lighthouse and take cards on the sea and coast. The adventure begins at Gräsö and must be booked in advance just like the lunch you eat on the island. It is a full-day excursion that creates memories for life! Note You do not get up in the lighthouse via stairs, but it is flat cemented which is a treat for the knees! All ages can make this excursion! 

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