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Welcome to Klockargården and our secret oasis! Here, all rooms are individually decorated with their own outdoor terraces. We have 11 rooms and if you rent the whole place, you can decide over breakfast times, have special access to our cozy dining room, and feel completely free and private in our lush garden! Through our booking system, guests can book rooms themselves with a special code that is unique for your wedding date!

Party room

A popular place to have dinner and party is at Societetshuset. It is important to book well in advance. https://www.facebook.com/societetshuset/


Hair, makeup, eyebrows

In the middle of Öregrund you will find Ninolia who cuts hair, make beautiful hair creations and make up as desired. For info check www.ninolia.se and for more pictures, go to instagram: ninolia_studio


"Infartsmacken" have started with Catering! Contact them for a suggestion of food: 0173-30600

Infartsmacken har börjat med Catering! Kontakta dem för ett förslag på mat:

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